Dear visitor.

My first name is De Long.

It literally means
De = German ⬛🟥🟨 Long = Dragon 🐉.

Since I was a youth, I love to code and solve puzzles. Leading me to computer games (this is where the dr4gon nickname comes from), which I still enjoy very much to this day. Over to a software engineering career at various companies with different sizes, roles, teams, projects, and clients.

Inspired by a good friend with the gift of The 4 Hour Work Week, I got in the habit of reading books. And embarked on a personal journey with lots of failed experiments to achieve my dream of building my own company MINDSHINE.

Nowadays I'm stepping out of the dark side of Non-Disclosure-Agreement code world step by step into the light side of the open-source world with my contributions on GitHub. May the force be with you!

I feel passionate about teaching career changers to code following From Zero to Code Hero # The Way of the Coding Nerd at Academy (in progress) and ocean lovers to riversurf following Surf'n'Smile - Slow 😩 Steady 😁 Superfun at Riversurf Academy (in progress).

I enjoy fine food, creative cooking, riversurfing, kite surfing, diving, traveling, reading, learning, driving for fun, and so much more. Life is a big holiday. Enriched by meaningful relationships and valuable conversations.

I feel truly grateful for the journey so far, and the positively affected lives of my students. Special thanks goes to my communication trainer Marc for teaching me invaluable skills, feeling emotions, and being honestly authentic.

Right now going with the flow and living according to one of my favorite songs "Sowieso" from Mark Forster "Egal was kommt, es wird gut, sowieso".

To get in touch with me, just contact me on LinkedIn.